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Data Centres are the epicentre of corporate and modern business and range in size; from single comms rooms to Hyperscale Centres supporting international organisations. Whatever their size, they all have to deliver undisrupted instant access to current and precise data the moment it is needed. Therefore, they ought to provide a reliable ecosystem to host equipment and to minimise downtime, meeting modern-day instustry demands.

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The majority of data centres allocate almost 65% of the their budget spend on sustaining legacy infrastructure while only 35% for modernisation. Our task is to change and update that division and convert your data centre into a tactical commercial strength for your business.
To optimise performance and increase ROI, the growing capacity of data held and vast demand to access this data requires data centres to be designed as scalable, secure, robust and reliable ecosystems.

Core Disciplines

Datatronix offers robust, flexible and modular internal management solutions that can be completely tailored to the client’s needs. Our line of MTP® solutions have been designed to cover all the requirements for high-density and low-loss performance in modern data centres. As the demand for higher bandwidth increases, our wide range of MTP® assemblies and internal management LGX modules can be the ideal solution for a reliable and top of the line performance network.

MTP® is a registered trademark of US Conec Ltd.